Hopefully they’ve improved the second display over the camera so it’s less distracting. 🙏


I like the design even if it is a little iPhone 12-esque, the way they incorporated this design with a curved display is something unique for android 👍🏻


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  • p}2

look like a orange realme 8 pro


Nadalion, 07 May 2021What is the Android Update of ZTE generally Like?


I wonder what kind of “professional SLR functions” ZTE is talking about.


Nadalion, 07 May 2021What is the Android Update of ZTE generally Like?
If global rom, don’t expect updates. If chinese rom, there are updates even android version upgrades, but can’t install GApps without much tinkering (and if you search for z20, it was a lot of work for those people who own z20).

Z20 released with android 9 and got android 11 (for chinese rom) without ever getting android 10.

Global rom stuck at released rom lol.

Not sure about red magic series but I guess it’s mostly same (global is abandoned)


Is it already impossible for either z30 variant to have dual display?

I hope both variants have headphone jack and 120hz display


What is the Android Update of ZTE generally Like?


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1st phone with Professional SLR functions? I thought the Sony Xperia phones were the 1st. Or maybe not, I don’t know.


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  • thv

& please do release a more boxy squarish corners just

like zte nubia z9 in d next release of in display camera


Curved display, arrrr so sad.


Arriving to Where ??? Mars ???


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SLR functions? Mirror inside?

Why do people use term DSLR to refer to Full Frame?

DSLR can be 1/2.3″, 1/1.7″ , 1″ as well.

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