(Pocket-lint) – Google has announced the first Android 12 Beta, moving on from a developer experience, into one that more people can get involved with.

It’s the first step towards the next Android update, Android 12, which is going to bring with it a huge range of changes. You can see what’s coming in Android 12 right here.

We’ll be tracking updates across the whole of the Android universe, but we’re a long way out from final release day, so for the timebeing only the Android 12 Beta is available.

Android 12 for Pixel devices

Android 12 will be coming to Pixel devices first and you’ll be able to get the Android 12 Beta right away if you want to try it out. Beta 1 was announced on 18 May, but we wouldn’t expect final software release until September 2021.

The following devices can use the Android 12 Beta, but note that this isn’t final software and some features might not work on phones:

  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 5

We’re expecting the Pixel 6 to launch with Android 12 out of the box. We’d expect the devices above to move to Android 12 in September 2021, but this date hasn’t been confirmed.

Android 12 for other Android devices

Other Android devices will also be able to access the Android 12 Beta and they are likely to be some of the first devices to update to Android 12 too.

As we’re still a long way from Android 12 being final, we’re not yet including all manufacturers – we will only add those manufacturers to the list if they make an announcement or if they are part of the beta. Most manufacturers will not announce update timelines until Android 12 is released and we’d expect that to be around September 2021.

Instead, we’re focusing on those device that have access to the Android 12 Beta, or have been announced as partners on the beta.

NOTE: The Android 12 Beta is incomplete software and you use it at your own risk.

Asus Android 12 update

Asus has confirmed that it will be part of the Android 12 beta, but has told us on 27 May 2021 that: “upcoming Zenfone models will also be on the priority list for the Android 12 upgrade. More information will be announced at later date.”    

Nokia Android 12 update

Nokia has confirmed that it will be included in the Android 12 Beta.

OnePlus Android 12 Update

It will be no surprise that OnePlus is part of the Beta, although it’s reported that the experience is essentially the same as Oppo, with ColorOS.

Oppo Android 12 Update

Oppo is part of the Android 12 Beta.

Realme Android 12 Update

Realme is part of the Android 12 Beta.

Sharp Android 12 update

Sharp has confirmed that it is part of the beta, but the included devices have not been revealed.

Tecno Android 12 update

Tecno will be offering beta access on one if its devices.

TCL Android 12 update

TCL is allowing Android 12 Beta access.

Vivo Android 12 update

Vivo is in the Beta programme with one phone.

Xiaomi Android 12 update

Xiaomi is offering one of the widest range of devices on the Android 12 Beta, although early reports suggest it’s a rocky experience right now.

  • Xiaomi Mi 11
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
  • Xiaomi Mi 11i
  • Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro

ZTE Android 12 update

ZTE will be offering the Android 12 Beta.

  • ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5g (China only)

Writing by Chris Hall.

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