Apple is set to make a significant step forward with its new iPhone. Expected in September 2021, the iPhone 13 handsets are going to look like no other iPhone. Get ready for something bright and exciting.

The details come from The Elec and its coverage of UBI Research’s look at Apple’s supply chain. Samsung is switching over one of its key production lines to provide new LTPO based OLED screens for the upcoming iPhone 13 family.

LTPO screens can already be found on a number of high-end Android smartphones, including Samsung’s own Galaxy S21 handsets and the recently launched OnePlus 9 Pro. The technology offers reduced power consumption alongside a variable refresh rate from the now flagship level of 120Hz to much slower values – the OnePlus 9 Pro will drop to 1 Hz when reading text.

Many expected Apple to equip the iPhone 12 family with this technology last year at the same time as making the long-awaited switch to 5G. Their appearance, albeit late, will be welcomed. It’s probably safe to assume that this new technology will be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Plus handsets.

As well as the addition of LTPO to the screen, Apple is also expected to reduce the size of the notch as well as bringing TouchID back to the flagship iOS devices with an in-display sensor.

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