Samsung’s latest S-series Android tablets are arguably the best alternatives to Apple iPads, offering great high-res displays, powerful performance and a premium build quality. They are far from old, but attention is already turning to what’s next.

Close to one year after the 2020 release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and 7 Plus – a duo of flagship slates that emerged during the firm’s Unpacked event last August, speculation is rising about how Samsung will take its tablets to the next level, how much the new models may cost and when they could see the light of day.

So whether you are considering picking up a new Samsung tablet for the first time or have come to this page after reading our Galaxy Tab S7 review and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review, here’s everything that we know (so far) about the next-generation devices.

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Galaxy Tab S8 rumoured release date

While Samsung is yet to officially confirm a release window for the Tab S8 series of tablets, online speculation has suggested it won’t be available for quite a while, so it’s probably best not to expect to see any models until early 2022.

Despite the Tab S7 and S7 Plus being unveiled at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked show last August, there’s been nothing to suggest we will see new tablet devices during the event that’s tipped for August 11 this year. Instead, the focus appears to be on the new Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watches and the Galaxy Buds.

That indicates the tablet series may not see release this side of Christmas, which would align with initial leaks (via TechRadar and Naver) claiming that Samsung was targeting “early 2022” for the release of three variants: Tab S8, Tab 8 Plus and Tab 8 Ultra.

As noted by Android Central, the tablet release is likely to come the same year as Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phone range, which is currently being tipped as happening in the first couple of months of 2022. For comparison, the Galaxy S21 handset was released in January 2020. With Samsung likely to keep the two devices separated, it could ultimately mean we won’t see the Tab S8 series until a little bit later next year.

This page will be updated as we learn more about the Tab S8 line-up in the coming weeks and months, including any leaks or rumours about the new tablet range.

Galaxy Tab S8 specs rumours

Samsung is yet to officially discuss the specs of its future tablets, but it’s a sure bet they will continue to be based around offering a premium experience that can rival the Apple iPad. Both the Galaxy  Tab S7 and S7 Plus are flagship devices, with the biggest visible difference being the choice of an 11-inch or 12.4-inch display.

If early rumours are true (and they should always be met with scepticism), the next tablet range will add an Ultra version into the mix – seemingly taking inspiration from the smartphone line-up. It has been suggested this newest model will have a massive 14.6-inch display partnered with a high-end Qualcomm chipset.

The tablet screen was one factor that was praised as particularly noteworthy in our expert review of the current Plus model, so it would be exciting to see it amplified further. It’s predicted that the new Tab S8 models will come with S-pen support, keyboard accessories and could have 5G connectivity, SamMobile reported.

In another leak about the Galaxy Tab S8 series picked up by GSMArena, there were three models referenced: an 11-inch, a 12.4-inch and a 14.6-inch.

According to the supposed leak, the base 11-inch model would have an LED screen, a side fingerprint sensor, S-pen support and an 8,000 mAh battery. The 12.4-inch slate will have an under-display sensor with an OLED screen and a 10,090 mAh battery. The 14.6-inch would have similar specs to the Plus, but with a 12,000 mAh battery.

All three would come with a 120 Hz display and multiple storage options. However, the leak did not provide any insight into the kind of chipset that may be included.

Galaxy Tab S8 pricing and availability rumours

Pricing remains vague, but based on the supposed leak GSMArena noted the Tab 8 might be priced around £550, the 8 Plus around £750 and the Ultra closer to $1,000.

The structure broadly aligns with current models but remains unverified. It is likely that Samsung will want to remain competitive with Apple’s iPad, which starts from around £329 for the base model and starts at from £999 for the Pro version.

In the UK, the Galaxy Tab S7 currently sells from £519, while the S7 Plus sells from £679. Upon release, the Tab S7 had an RRP of from £619.00, and the S7 Plus had a starting RRP of $799. It’s likely that the pricing of new tablets will be similar, and, like the predecessors, any new tablets are likely to enjoy a widespread global release.

How to buy the Galaxy Tab S7

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