Samsung beat its competitors to the punch with the Galaxy Fold, which was the world’s first foldable smartphone to hit the market, and while it ran into a number of snags in its rush to claim the title, it’s since honed the tech for its foldable follow-ups: the Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Now, Samsung has joined the likes of Sony and LG, and is beavering away on the next frontier – a transparent smartphone, and here’s what it could look like:

Samsung transparent smartphone

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The concept smartphone has been created by Giuseppe Spinelli in collaboration with LetsGoDigital, and is based on a Samsung patent that was filed back in January and published at the end of August. The device utilises an OLED display that allows light to pass through; something Samsung has already achieved with its 55-inch transparent OLED displays

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