Leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 are coming out. Initial specs and prices for the smartphones have been teased. Here is everything you need to know about Samsung’s upcoming releases.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones arguably stand at the top of the market generally for their fantastic camera performance and affordable prices. With that said, consumers are getting excited about Samsung’s incoming releases, which reportedly include the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy 21 FE vs. Galaxy S21

Tom’s Guide reported that the Galaxy S21 FE would be the lower-cost version of the Galaxy S21 flagship models. The Galaxy S1 FE should deliver many similar features to the S21 smartphones but with lower specs.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is expected to keep the Snapdragon 888 chipset used in S21 models, but its body material is built with plastic instead of glass and metal. Telephoto lens for the S21 FE is also said to be downgraded.

Some other differences between the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S21 are the camera bump. Galaxy S21 FE has a smaller bump that uses the same color as the device body.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will reportedly be a mid-range flagship smartphone for the South Korean tech giant. It is rumored to have a 6.5-inch 120Hz display, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. Its main camera setup has been rumored to have 12-megapixel cameras with wide and ultra-wide lenses and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens.

Android Headline noted that the Samsing Galaxy S21 FE will come in four colors: white, light violet, green and gray. No black version for the smartphone has been announced. It also reported that the Galaxy S21 FE will not launch in October. Due to the chip shortage, the said might only be available to some markets and not nationwide.

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First Look of Galaxy S22

Another Samsung flagship smartphone consumers are excited to see is the Samsung Galaxy S22. it is important to note that the unit will not arrive until next year; however, leaks and teasers for the device are currently being spread on the internet.

Tom’s Guide shared that it would be the first smartphone powered by the  Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 chip. It should offer significant performance improvements comparable to iPhone 13. It might also provide variants like Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 ultra.

Exciting features for Galaxy S22 include a massive camera system. The smartphone might feature active cooling as well. Lastly, it reportedly has a unique design and under-display camera that comes with an internal pop-up display cover.

Galaxy S22 is rumored to cost $799 forits base price, with the Galaxy S22 Plus expected to be at $999 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra at $1199.

Be warned to take this information with a pinch of salt. These are unofficial leaks and rumors regarding smartphone units that are subject to change in their development process. Consumers will have to wait for Samsung to make these details official.

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