Among the blizzard of new language support for Snowflake’s data warehouse this week was a plan to beef up its data marketplace, which promises users somewhere to buy, sell, and otherwise share data on the platform. The problem is that it is far from the only game in town.

SAP, by sheer coincidence, also launched a data market plan this week, a few weeks after Databricks announced its open standard for data sharing, hoping to get a more vendor-neutral approach to the thorny problem off the ground. The application giant and the data lake poster child join other tools for cracking the nut, including those peddled by long-time data integration specialist Informatica.

The point of Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is to make it easier to ingest third-party data, into the analytics environment, as it is all in Snowflake’s architecture. Last November, it announced third-party service providers would have the option to enrich data by running risk assessments, augmenting a data set with behavioural scoring, or “simply outsourcing the more advanced analysis” without having to move the data, Snowflake said at the time.

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