Mr Robot, 1 hour agoI have the 10 Pro Max and it’s been an absolute value for money phone. Nice to get a phone you’re satisfied with


2 million units sold in a country with 1,400 million population is not a big deal..

That turns out to be 0.14% hahhahaa.. And they are celebrating lol.. It’s not even one-tenth of 2%.

Would be a big deal if this number was posted in some European countries…

In India, their popularity is decreasing day by day.. Due to ads and bloatware, and not to mention the buggy OS they provide with lags even on a phone powered by Snapdragon flagship 800 series chipsets… Clearly that’s not due to hardware, it’s because of Software

Not to forget, they release so many phones and so many models in a year that’s it’s out of their capability to provide Major Android System updates to their customers.. You will omly get 1 major update and that too when new android is about to launch and already launched.. So you are getting an android update on your phone that’s already 1 year old🤣

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