When it comes to Android updates, providing 3 years of updates for flagship smartphones is probably the sweet spot, as this is also what companies like Google, OnePlus, and Samsung offer for their devices, with the former two giving 3 years of major updates and 3 years of security updates (OnePlus in particular only doing it for their flagships) while the latter bumps security update support up to 4 years. But while you’d think that this would be commonplace among the industry, it’s really not, as most companies only offer at most 2 years of updates, and that’s it. OPPO is one of those companies. But good news! OPPO recently joined the list of Android OEMs that have committed to providing 3 years of updates. The catch? It’s only for the Find X3 series.

Yeah. OPPO has a pretty big lineup consisting of several smartphone ranges, including the Find series and the mid-range Reno series, to mention a couple of them, but their priority is their flagship smartphones. Other smartphone lineups will, at least for now, still only get 2 major updates and 2 years of security updates. But for their Find X3 series, OPPO now offers 2 years of major updates and 3 years of security updates, as reported by Androidplanet.nl. While this is an improvement, OPPO is only playing catch up here. As we mentioned before, Google, OnePlus, and Samsung have all offered 3 years of security updates for years.

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While this is definitely good news, we would’ve liked to see more support come to their mid-range phones at the very least. iPhones, for one, are notable for receiving support for several years, outliving Android phones in terms of updates by a very large margin. Considering there’s even precedent set in the Android industry for rolling out more updates for longer, this is definitely a field where most smartphone manufacturers could step up and improve.

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