A new leak, or more specifically an EA job listing, may have leaked one of FIFA 22’s biggest new features, and one that Career Mode players are going to love. Until FIFA 21, EA cultivated a reputation for ignoring Career Mode and its players in favor of the popular and lucrative Ultimate Team mode. But as alluded to, this changed in FIFA 21, which contained an appreciable upgrade to the long-running mode. As a result of this, many FIFA fans are anticipating Career Mode to be ignored with FIFA 22, but it looks like this assumption is wrong.

A new EA job advert for an Online Software Engineer reveals EA is beefing up its internal team that works on the FIFA franchise. And within this job listing is the mention of an “online career mode,” something that currently does not exist.

That said, since FIFA fans noticed this detail, the job listing has been changed to remove “online career mode” from the text. Now, this could be because it’s incorrect information, but more likely it’s been removed because it’s a leak. And of course, EA’s silence over the leak suggests the latter.

At the moment of publishing, everything here needs to be taken with a grain of salt like any leak. Thankfully, we should hear and learn more about FIFA 22 next month at EA Play, where it will likely be revealed. In the meantime, below you can read a snippet from our review of FIFA 21 and its career mode to learn why we think EA is on the right path with the mode.

“While EA could have done better with VOLTA and Pro Clubs, Career Mode fans will be happy to hear that typically the outcast of FIFA has received a sizable upgrade. For FIFA 21, EA has overhauled match simming with a more interactive experience that, for example, lets you jump in and out of the game at key moments. The match launcher has also been overhauled and streamlined, yet I’m not sure sidelining the kit selection to a tab was the right call. This was obviously done to save players time, but for players like myself who want to inspect the kits before the match for optimal differentiation, this time-saving change has actually made the process longer.”

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