In an official announcement (via PhoneArena), Microsoft has added some new features for OneDrive on Android. Notably, with a new update, Microsoft OneDrive on Android is getting Photo Editing features.

Moreover, there is a gallery management feature as well. Starting today, users of OneDrive can crop, rotate, adjust the brightness/contrast, and color their images.

Previously, users needed to rely on third-party photo editing apps to edit photos via OneDrive. However, after the latest update, OneDrive users on Android will be able to do just that right within the OneDrive app.

Besides, the crop feature, which is now inbuilt will let users choose preset ratios to make it easier to crop their images and share them on the go. The free-form crop option is also available if you are curious, making cropping images as you wish easier.

The rotation feature is nothing new, that you do not know. You can choose to rotate images, left, right, 90-degree, or flip an image all over by 180-degrees. Further, there is an incremental rotation option also that lets you straighten your images.

Microsoft has also added options to change exposure, contrast, and color saturation

Taking things further, there are new adjustment options for changing brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. A simple tap can help you take a look at the edited image and the original one.

Not only Android users but all these features are also live for OneDrive users on the Web. So, Web users can equally make use of these photo editing features.

As far as iOS users are concerned, they will have to wait for some time. Probably, these features will go live for iOS users later this year.

Editing features are only available for Microsoft OneDrive users with OneDrive personal accounts. The good thing is that OneDrive has announced these features will arrive for work and school accounts sometime this summer.

Additionally, Android users are also receiving some more features as a part of the update package. Android users are getting more options to organize and view their photos.

Gallery management is another feature that is arriving with the latest update. This means that OneDrive will automatically sort images into folders based on the source of the image.

For instance, images from WhatsApp will be stored in their respective folders. The same will be in the case with screenshots, text messages, Facebook, etc. Images can also be sorted or organized by date, month, and year.

microsoft onedrive photo editing feature

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