Microsoft Office for Android Dark Mode

Microsoft Office for Android is getting an update. Last year, we remember it finally allowing files to be edited on Android G Suite. We knew the Microsoft Office app could keep it all together and we believe it could do so much more. The latest improvement for the program is Dark Mode. Users have been asking for this feature for the Office app for Android phones and it’s finally here. A lot of apps have already received Dark Mode but it took Microsoft some time to bring it to the Android version.

Dark Mode is highly requested and recommended. Such feature is preferred because it offers a more comfortable visual experience. Working and reading on mobile devices can be exhausting to the eyes but not with Dark Mode.

With the Microsoft Office app for Android, you can access your files on your smartphone or tablet. It’s ideal to use when you need to do quick tasks on Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. Feel free to work on PDFs, create new docs, capture notes, and even scan.

Dark Mode can be used anytime–not just at night. You can also adjust the app to low-light environments so you can also save battery and enjoy better viewing.

If you use the app, get the update and enable Dark Mode. It will actually automatically adjust to Dark Mode but only if your phone is set to Dark Mode already. You may also set the mode within the Office app. Go to Settings> Light, Dark, or System Default.

The Microsoft Office Mobile App update is ready for most users. Other markets will get it in the coming weeks. Be patient while Microsoft rolls out the Dark Mode feature to more consumers.

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