Microsoft Launcher received an update over the weekend that brings some handy new features. After updating, Microsoft Launcher allows you to long press to delete a work folder for an Android work profile. The app also improves the time widget to work with daylight saving time.

As is normally the case, the update also includes several bug fixes and performance updates. Here’s the complete changelog from the Microsoft Launcher Google Play Store listing:

  • Support long press to delete work folder for Android work profile enrolled users.
  • French privacy requirements are now available in settings.
  • The time widget will now update for daylight saving time.
  • Bug fixed on notification display in dark theme.
  • Bug fixed on home screen restore issue from lower app version.
  • Other known bugs and performance improvements were made.

Interestingly, the same exact change log appears in Microsoft Launcher Preview, so there’s a chance that these features have been around for some time, but that recent update has the same changelog. You can grab the latest update from the Google Play Store now.

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