Mojang dropped one of the most exciting Minecraft updates of 2021 on June 8th. With lots of expectations before the release, Minecrafters were disappointed because the developer divided the update into two parts. They held back the cave biomes and cliff changes for the Caves & Cliffs update part 2.

Even though the most exciting thing about the Caves & Cliffs update was not even the part of its first half, Minecraft version 1.17 adds many interesting features and items. Three new mobs have also been introduced to the game, along with these additions: axolotls, goats, and glow squid.

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How to install Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update on Android devices from official website

Get Minecraft (Image via official Minecraft website)
Get Minecraft (Image via official Minecraft website)

Gamers who have already purchased a copy of Minecraft from Mojang can follow these easy steps to download and install it on their Android devices:

Step 1: They can visit the official Minecraft website here.

Step 2: Users should click on the green “Get Minecraft” button.

Step 3: They may select mobile and then choose Android.

Step 4: Players must click on the green “Buy Minecraft” button to redirect to the Play Store.

Step 5: If they have already purchased the title, they will get an install option on the Play Store and need to click on the install button to start the download. Once downloaded, Minecraft will begin installing on its own.

Players must note that they need to be logged in on the Play Store with the account they used earlier to purchase the game.

Required system specifications for Minecraft on Android devices

Minecraft can run on almost any Android device that has come out in and after 2016. To make the experience smooth, Minecrafters need at least 450 MB of free data in the internal storage on their mobile phone and 150 MB of internet data to download the game itself.

Along with these criteria, the Android version of their smartphones should be at least 4.2 (Jelly bean), and the processor must support floating-point calculations (“ARM-v7a code”).

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