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Google showed off its plans for Android 12 at its I/O event a few hours ago and soon after dropped the Android 12 Beta 1 update for the public.

As expected, there’s a lot to unpack in the Android 12 beta 1 update, however, Google is yet to release its Material You design that has caught everyone’s attention.

But of course, a major new update also means a host of new bugs and issues that will need to be fixed with subsequent updates.


Google Pixel 4a

So in this article, we’ll keep tabs on all the bugs and issues that pop up on Google Pixel phones running on Android 12.

Given the fact that Android 12 is only in its beta stages, it won’t be surprising if you run into issues every now and then.

Hopefully, Google will iron out these problems over the course of the beta program that is expected to end in August, if all things go according to plan.


Android 12 timeline

That said, it won’t be surprising to see some bugs and issues slip past the beta testing phase and make an appearance with the stable release.

So we’ll keep track of all these developments in one place to make it easier for you to know whether or not certain bugs and issues on Google Pixel phones running on Android 12 are widespread or not.

Update 1 (May 24)

IST 01:50 pm: As per recent reports from Google’s IssueTacker, users are experiencing a couple of issues on the Android 12 beta 1 update where the Pixel Live Wallpaper is crashing and the QS battery estimates are appearing off-screen. Full coverage here.

Update 2 (May 31)

IST 07:04 pm: It seems that users of the Android 12 beta 1 update are facing an issue where Gmail and other apps are crashing after a few seconds. However, there is a simple workaround to fix the same. More on that here.

Update 3 (June 04)

IST 11:36 am: Google Pixel device owners who use the app are advised to hold off from updating their units to Android 12 beta 1 build as the app simply doesn’t work, at least for now. Learn more about that here.

Update 4 (June 07)

IST 11:21 am: Google has reportedly confirmed that they will work on making the Android 12 ripple effect feel less glitchy. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the newer animation to judge whether there’s any improvement.

IST 03:38 pm: Google Pixel device owners are complaining about battery not charging beyond 80%. But Google says it isn’t a bug and is more of an optimization feature. Find out why.

Update 5 (June 15)

IST 12:26 PM: Users of Pixel devices on Android 12 beta 2 build are reporting issues with an inconsistent Monet theming engine and a navigation bar that remains stuck on the right-hand side of the display even in full-screen landscape apps. More on that here.

IST 02:32 PM: The upcoming Android 12 Beta 3 update may address buggy swipe on lock screen that freezes and prevents dismissing notifications along with the unfinished volume control layout on Google Pixels.

IST 06:33 PM: Some Google Pixel 4a users are facing an issue where the Recent apps button is not working even on the Android 12 beta 2 update. Check out the complete coverage for more details by heading here.

Update 7 (June 17)

IST 09:03 PM: Several users had called for the removal of the gesture bar/pill from the Pixel Launcher home screen and lock screen on Android 12. But Google rejected saying that it’s intended behavior. Head here for the full story.

Update 8 (June 18)

IST 01:46 PM: It is now coming to light that the issue of missing weather and player information on the lock screen and AOD has been fixed.

Marked as fixed.
The issue has been fixed and it will be available in a future build.

Update 9 (June 19)

IST 11:27 AM: Google Pixel users on Android 12 beta 2 are unable to toggle Wi-Fi on/off from Quick Settings and here is all you need to know.

Update 10 (June 24)

IST 10:27 AM: Google is rolling out an update to its Pixel devices on the Android 12 Beta program, this time Android 12 Beta 2.1.

This minor update to Android 12 Beta 2 includes various stability improvements as well as the following fixes:

– Fixed an issue that prevented users from accessing things on the lock screen. For example, swiping down for the notification shade, swiping away notifications, or swiping up to unlock the phone. (Issue #190702454)
– Fixed issues that caused information such as weather and calendar events to not appear in the At a Glance widget on the home screen or lock screen. (Issue #190700432, Issue #190644743)
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused flickering or jittery animations when accessing recent apps with gesture navigation.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused microphone and camera permission indicators to get stuck and disappear until the phone was rebooted.
– Fixed an issue when using the Android Emulator with an Android Virtual Device (AVD) running Android 12 that prevented the AVD from connecting to the internet.
– Fixed an issue where after taking Beta and resetting the device, some users are were stuck on setup wizard (Issue #190082536).

Update 11 (July 15)

IST 01:06 PM: The Android 12 Beta 3 just went live with improvements to the missing Wi-Fi toggle on quick settings.

    NOTE: This issue/bug tracker will be updated continuously with the status of known bugs and issues.
Android 12 update-related bugs/issues/problems reported so far and their status
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Beta All Pixels Double-tap on back gesture not working for some Unacknowledged
Beta All Pixels Multitasking functionality not working Unacknowledged
Beta All Pixels Brightness defaults to 0% after reboot Unacknowledged
Beta All Pixels Silent and vibrate status bar icons missing Unacknowledged
Beta All Pixels Twitter crashes when uploading a picture Possible workaround
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Beta All Pixels Touch not working in some apps Acknowledged
Beta All Pixels Audio issues with YouTube Music on Android Auto Acknowledged
Beta All Pixels Blurry text in Google Maps on Android Auto Acknowledged
Beta All Pixels Issues while selecting destination in Waze Acknowledged
Beta All Pixels Google Home app not working Acknowledged
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Beta All Pixels Hotplugging the HDMI cable might cause video playback to fail on some display sinks. Acknowledged
Beta All Pixels Empty placeholders in TV Settings Acknowledged
Beta Pixel 4a, 5 Settings > Accounts crashes Acknowledged
Beta All Pixels Pixel Live Wallpaper crashing Escalated
Beta All Pixels QS battery estimates appearing off-screen Escalated
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Beta All Pixels Gmail and other apps crashing after a few seconds Workaround
Beta All Pixels app not working Acknowledged
Beta All devices Ripple/sparkles animation feels glitchy Acknowledged
Beta All devices Battery not charging beyond 80% Reaason why
Beta All devices Inconsistent Monet theming engine Acknowledged
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Beta All Pixels Unfinished volume panel layout Fixed
Beta All Pixels Lock screen freezes and fails to register swipes Fixed
Beta 1 & 2 Pixel 4a Recent apps button not working Fix in upcoming update
Android 11/12 All Pixels Gestures bar visible on Pixel Launcher home screen Expected behavior
Android 11 All Pixels Lockscreen weather widget missing Fixed
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Beta All Pixels Unable to toggle Wi-Fi on/off from Quick Settings Improved

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