The Google Pixel 5 was not the mobile powerhouse people may have hoped for, but disappointed fans will be glad to hear about this latest leak, which spills the beans on the rumored Pixel 5 Pro.

The phone has been teased for several weeks now, promising a premium flagship experience that the Pixel 5 lacks. Now screenshots from Slashleaks show that there may be a significant upgrade coming. 

The first and most obvious thing about these leaked screenshots is that the alleged Pixel 5 Pro does not have a visible front-facing camera. So now we have to wonder whether Google has thrown a pop-up camera lens into the mix, or if it’s actually under the screen. 

Google Pixel 5 Pro

(Image credit: /Leaks)

Under-display cameras haven’t quite made it into mainstream phones yet, and in fact we only know of one commercial handset that has one: the ZTE Axon 20 5G. So that seems the least likely option of the two. 

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