It looks like Google Assistant is gaining the ability to turn off an Android phone to account for Android 12’s changes to the power button.

Google appears to be working on a way to turn off an Android phone using Google Assistant. With the upcoming Android 12 release later this year, there have already been a number of new features, changes and tweaks to the operating system noted. Although the focus of these changes have mainly been in relation to the release’s design revamp, the developers are also working on other updates to help improve the lives of Android users.

Every year, Google releases a new Android version for its users. A new release is often met with a lot of fanfare owing to the features and changes that come to light prior to the official release. This year is no different. Android 12 is already shaping up to be an interesting update for everyone. Most notably, the upcoming OS upgrade will launch with the new Material You design which promises to use AI to create a more cohesive theme for a smartphone. It also comes with a set of new features including a way to create digital car keys.

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Spotted by 9to5 Google, a new beta version of the Google app reveals a new way to turn off an Android phone: through Google Assistant. It had already been reported that Android 12 adds the default ability to activate Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button. Coinciding with this, it now looks like users will be able to turn their phone off by asking Google Assistant to do it. However, as it is a feature spotted in a beta app version, there’s no guarantee that it will be part of the final and stable release.

Google’s Android Power Button Changes

Google Pixel 5 running Android 12

While the most common method of powering down an Android phone has been the long-pressing of the power button, that’s changing. With Google Assistant taking over the power button, Google has had to look for alternate solutions to power down a phone. One option that’s already been spotted in Android 12, is the pressing of the power and volume up buttons at the same time. Essentially, the power and volume button combination will launch the same power menu that was previously available by long-pressing just the power button. Likewise, there might also be the possibility that a Quick Settings tile to power off the phone becomes available in the future, as an extra and optional method.

In terms of the Google Assistant command support, this would not only be another way to ensure Android users don’t lose access to the power menu when Google Assistant is assigned to the power button, but it could also be a good addition to Android in general. Besides the convenience of issuing a “Hey Google” command and telling Assistant to turn the phone off, it also fits with Google’s recent increased focused on improving accessibility features overall.

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Source: 9to5Google

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