“Genshin Impact” has been receiving a bunch of new content over the last few days. After introducing the character Hu Tao, the RPG title had its 1.4 update, which adds new characters like Rosario and the Venti Banner’s rerun. Recently there have been leaks and statements made about the upcoming 1.5 updates. 

Azhdaha (Dahaka) boss Leak

According to DualShockers, on Monday, Mar. 22, video leaks of a new boss, Azhada (Dahaka) was posted by Impact Leaker AE Entropy. The Boss’ intro is shown alongside its first phase of the battle.

Dahaka itself looks way larger than Primo Geovishap. The Boss shows off its phase one attacks and how far they reach even without them being long-ranged attacks. Even with being in phase one, this Boss seems hard to beat, as shown in the video.

At the end of the video leak, some of Zhongli’s dialogue is shown from his second character quest. The text appears to be very blurry in the video, but you do see the names of the characters talking. The bottom text is too blurry to see, so for those who don’t wish to be spoiled, you are safe!

Dualshockers also reached out to the Wangsheng funeral parlor discord group to get more information about Dhaka. They said this to the questions given to them by the online media outlet.

  • Dahaka will respawn the same as every other weekly boss. It requires 60 resin as well.
  • The halved resin requirement system is a permanent feature.
  • Dahaka does the same damage as Childe.
  • Dahaka Has Multiple Elemental types like Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro, and the boss will come with two elements each time.
  • You can Fight Dahaka like any other weekly boss. You can fight him at any time and even Co-Op the fight.

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More ‘Genshin Impact’ Leaks

Another Impact Leaker has announced more information about what will be in the newest 1.5 updates.

There will be a total of three new “Genshin Impact” events happening when version 1.5 allegedly drops, but the dates of these events haven’t been announced yet. There are two new bosses, one being weekly and the other being a world boss.

There will be a new artifact domain and two new artifacts to obtain as well as a massive housing update that may change in its final version.

Zhongli is likely to get a banner rerun in the 1.5 updates, and there is a teapot spirit named Tubby.

Comicbook describes the new housing update as being able to design and furnish their housing area. Designing your furniture is great, but that is subject to change as these are only leaks and may not look the same in the final version of the update.

With these 1.5 leaks being shown, “Genshin Impact” continues to deliver more content to its player base.

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