I remember using a Tecno phantom a+ as my first android phone

It had jellybean 4.2, but sadly it fell into water, crushed it’s screen and is even missing now. I miss it badly.


I still have my Xperia S with Jelly Bean 4.3, it’s still used sometimes since I can use its micro-HDMI port to connect to a non-smart TV and then play YouTube on said TV.


It’s good that Google will soon do 5-year updates like Apple does. Sometimes Apple will give their device even 6 updates. But apps on Android will run longer on older versions.

So say Apple gives us 5 years + another 3 years for your apps still run on whatever iOS you are on. Google actually gives us longer duration to use our phones. It’s 5 years + another 7 running on that old software. That’s 8 years vs. 12 years.

Soon enough, many iOS users will need iOS12 to update a certain app. While I could play Oddmar on Marshmallow from 2015, I needed iOS12 from 2018 as minimum to run it on iPhone. This is where Android wins in my mind. You are not forced to update your firmware sooner to run those apps.


I recently buyed an Galaxy S2 T-Mobile version, but tjis little boy came with Ice Cream installed. I updated to Jelly Bean, and become more useful and speedy, but it will be saved in the record vault.

And, Jelly Bean is like the Windows 7, harder to forget, easy to remember.


* no later than 2025.

I use the Dasher app daily. On Android, bare minimum is Lollipop from 7 years ago. But on iPhone, I probably need iOS11 or higher. A firmware from just 4 years ago.

As much as I defend iPhone here, this is why I still prefer Android. And I need to create a hotspot daily as I use multiple phones daily. On Android, my other phones connect easily and they don’t disconnect as quickly as an iPhone. On iPhone, I need to switch the toggles on and off for my other phones to connect again. Really lame.

To create ringtones for iOS, I need to download GarageBand which is over 1 GB and do like 5 steps to create a 30 second ringtone. On Android, I just go to my music player app and there is an option to make that song a ringtone. Oh, well. None of them are perfect. No perfect phone but you can create a perfect TEAM of phones.


I believe each version of Android can be supported at 8 to 10 years. One thing I love about Android over iOS is much older versions of its firmware can still run modern apps. Like Mario Circuit could still run on my Nexus 4 on KitKat. With iPhone, you only have a 4-5 year window. Sometimes even less. Any iPhone at iOS10 or below is already screwed as you will start missing out the app updates.

I believe my Pixel 3 and Essential Phone which I kept on Pie (2018) can probably still function properly by 2028. But I should be upgrading couple years before that no later than 202y Phones can last a long time. Just proper care, replace battery, clean cache, etc. The beauty of Android is the ability to sideload older apks to run on older firmware.


I still occasionally use a motorola razr maxx, this phone is still unique and stands away in the crowd


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I still have a functional Jelly Bean device, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo. Never updated, it stays at 4.2. I used that as daily driver from 2014 to 2018, when I moved to Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. Then it passed to my mom, who used it up to May this year. She used it primarily for Whatsapp. So, 2014 to 2021 of active use. Its age has been showing, with abysmal battery (need to be charged 4 times a day if used with data on), often lags, and sunken volume and power buttons, but otherwise still manages to scrape by.

It’s the last phone with 16:9 screen I have. Nowadays the phone is used just to play older games, like the original Bartender Mix Genius, occasionally.


I still have a functioning gingerbread phone


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Android was good. Android is amazing. Android will be even better. iOS is pretty much the same complicated OS with many limitations.


Kingslayer, 5 hours agoProject Buttah was nice but Ice Cream Sandwich already made Android quite smooth.

Thank yo… more
true jelly bean was like ice cream sandwitch ui wise, for what i know project butter debuted with kitkat together with ART (android runtime), when Google ditch dalvik Android became somehow smooth.


My “Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110” is literally already dead 5 years ago after installing & flashing a lot of custom roms(Marshmallow up) & rooting the tablet always as well. And i’m still keeping it with my old stuffs & junks, upto this day, hoping if ever someone wants to revive an old tablet, you can contact me and let’s see what else can you do with this old tablet of mine, hahaha!


Project Buttah was nice but Ice Cream Sandwich already made Android quite smooth.

Thank you, Matias Duarte. He gave us webOS’ gesture swipes and wireless charging that Apple and Google just copied. Although Apple did do gestures with their MacBook Pros’ trackpads years before the Palm Pre in 2009. Others also copied what Nokia did like double tap to wake.


Ah sweet old days of android bring so much nostalgia


Woah this makes me feel old

I remember when they said the S3 will stuck on jellybean 4.3 and everyone were sad

But this is the start of changing google play design also it was the birth of the massive HD games on android specially clash of clans era

And lest not forget about the transparent status bar it happened in 4.3

Glory days Good memories.

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