Firefox Android is now receiving an official update to version 89, delivering some significant UI and usability changes. And, according to recent reports, that includes at least one change that will make using Firefox on multiple devices and platforms easier.

That’s because the new interface, which Mozilla dubs “Proton,” moves the synced tabs out of the three-dot overflow menu. Instead, opting to place a new Synced tabs UI right next to the Private and other tabs in the tab switcher. Meaning that it’s easy to simply access the tab switching UI to the right of the URL bar and then simply select the Synced tabs section. From there, users can simply select tabs they have open on other synced Firefox browsers on other devices.

Additionally, Firefox 89 has altered the way multiple tabs are interacted with in the tab switcher. Now, users can simply long-press one tab and then tap to select multiple others.

Synced tabs aren’t the only thing changing in the Firefox 89 update

Now, tab syncing is something that’s already been in place for quite some time. And, in fact, it has helped Firefox maintain its competitiveness against other top browsers on Android. But this change isn’t only about tab syncing. It may just be the biggest Firefox update since the leap to version 79 from 68.

In addition to the syncing UI alterations, the new tab page has been reworked for easier readability. The favicon icons on that page are now larger and feature an additional pin icon. That icon shows which pages a user has added themselves. The ones without the pin icon are added dynamically by Firefox.

Icons and the flow of the menus are also new, as shown in the images below. With the ultimate goal of making the whole browser just feel more user-friendly.

Get it while it’s hot

The changes in question are each rolling out now. So, for those that want to check out the update to Firefox 89 on Android, that simply needs to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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