Note: by order of Thera the Firebold, the original account has been rewritten to omit any personal opinions I included in the notes. It’s fine – it only took me two hours to rewrite it and make copies. I will get rid of this one later. No one’s gonna see it anyways.-Thirik

In attendance: Rep. Sanctus Ignitori (presiding), Rep. Saphara Clethtinthiallor, Rep. Drizzik Rezzenson, Rep. Sreelasa Calentia, Rep. Doroks The Defender, Rep. Foojya the Blizzard, Rep. Salan Terriex, Rep. Icaridne, Rep. Litor Vadu, Rep. Tibian Tidebreaker, Ambassador Nados Quickfin, Ambassador Graskin Blubberfold, Thera the Firebold, and Grurrom Kindel.Notes taken by: Thirik Cartax

12:03 – Meeting is called to order by Rep. Ignitori. Roll is called; Ambassador Angla noted absent, all others present. Rep. Ignitori begins reviewing the notes from the previous meeting. Notes that I wrote, by the way. Seriously, who calls an emergency meeting then spends ten minutes reading about agricultural disputes?

12:09 – Rep. Rezzenson interjects with a request to forgo the remainder of formalities due to the emergency status of the meeting, and expresses a desire to know the reason that the Council had been summoned. At least someone on this council has some practicality.

12:10 – Rep. Icardine seconds Rep. Rezzonson’s request, expresses a desire for a short meeting.

12:11 – Rep. Ignitori abbreviates the opening procedures and yields the floor to Thera the Firebold of the Library of Jakardia.

12:12 – Thera the Firebold gives an account of a recent discovery of a research team at the Library of Jakardia of a roughly person-sized borehole drilled deep into the earth. The team’s investigation of the depth of the borehole revealed that it travels far deeper than should be possible, apparently piercing to the center of the world. A descent into the shaft resulted in the discovery of a vast cavern at the bottom, occupied by what appeared to be the comatose form of a colossally huge dragon. The magical signature of the dragon was extraordinarily powerful, and seemed to indicate that its life force is somehow linked with the fundamental weave of magic. Further magical examination located six severe injuries across the body of the creature, apparently resulting from the removal of pieces of the being’s body. Experts from the library determined that the wounds are fatal. Thera finishes by postulating on potential effects of the dragon’s death, including the potential collapse of the material plane or failure of magic.

12:20 – Several representatives begin speaking at once. Rep. Ignitori tries and fails to establish order. This is chaos. Clethtinthiallor is yelling just to be heard.

12:22 – Rep. Clethtinthiallor requests a brief recess for the purpose of gathering her thoughts. Motion is passed by informal consensus, and the meeting is adjourned for 10 minutes.

12:32 – Rep. Ignitori calls the meeting back to order. Opens floor to discussion.

12:33 – Rep. Tidebreaker requests clarification on the wounds themselves – inquires as to whether they all originated from the same source, or whether they were caused by different weapons.

12:34 – Thera the Firebold confirms that they each appeared to be caused in a different manner.

12:36 – Rep. Clethtinthiallor requests that the details of the discovery be kept confidential, due to the potentially distressing nature of the news. Figures that she’d say that. Sometimes I wonder why the Dragonborn send a representative at all, since they so clearly don’t want to share power.

12:37 – Rep. Calentia objects to Rep. Clethtinthiallor’s motion on the grounds that the public deserve to be made aware of events that may affect them. Sreelasa’s the only one here with real integrity. She’s the smartest, too. Why does she let Icaridne stay in charge?

12:38 – Rep. Clethtinthiallor reaffirms her position, describing hypothetical scenes of mass panic and conflict that could result from revealing the information.

12:40 – Rep. Foojya expresses disagreement with Rep. Clethtinthiallor’s line of reasoning and seconds Rep. Calentia’s opinion.

12:41 – Rep. Vadu suggests that the matter be put to a vote. 

12:44 – Votes are counted. Rep. Clethtinthiallor’s motion passes 7 to 2; Rep. Calentia and Rep. Foojya are the dissenters, and Rep. Vadu abstains. The Library’s discovery is officially made confidential to all except the Council and those directly involved.

12:46 – Rep. Doroks inquires as to the Council’s next course of action. 

12:48 – Rep. Clethtinthiallor proposes a motion that the investigation into the dragon’s corpse be given into the hands of the Dragonborn Empire. Wow. And I thought she was being bold before.

12:49 – Several representatives informally express disagreement to Rep. Clethtinthiallor’s motion. Rep. Tidebreaker points out the danger of giving any one genera authority over such a monumental discovery. Yeah, no one likes that idea. I don’t know what Clethtinthiallor was thinking; usually she’s more subtle than that.

12:51 – Motion is put to a vote. Motion fails with a vote of 8 to 2 against; Rep. Clethtinthiallor and Rep. Rezzenson vote for, while all others vote against.

12:55 – Ambassador Blubberfold suggests that the Eastern Tritons may be willing to combine investigations with the High Council in exchange for the free sharing of information in regards to what he dubs the “World Dragon”.

12:56 – Rep. Terriex points out the fact that the High Council currently has no formal investigative team available.

12:57 – Rep. Rezzenson suggests that the High Council representatives could “poke around” themselves. It is unclear whether or not he is joking. I don’t know what to make of this guy, but if any of them were going to run away and become an adventurer, it would be him.

12:58 – Rep. Calentia proposes that the High Council could employ the services of freelance mercenaries (colloquially known as “adventurers”) to track down the killers of the “World Dragon”. 

This conversation is a mess. Everyone’s talking over each other and arguing. I’ll try to record the main points people are making, but I haven’t seen a more heated debate than that time the Council caught a Kenku inventor experimenting with airships.

12:59 – Rep. Tidebreaker objects, indicating that individuals with the ability to kill such a powerful being would likely be very powerful themselves, and therefore dangerous to apprehend.

1:00 – Rep. Icaridne points out that the alternative is allowing such individuals to roam unchecked.

1:01 – Rep. Tidebreaker concedes the point.

1:02 – Rep. Foojya expresses the concern that freelance mercenaries may have dubious moral codes, rendering it difficult to fully trust them.

1:03 – Rep. Terriex responds with the point that those with a “less rigid interpretation of the law” may be able to gain access to information others couldn’t.

1:04 – Rep. Vadu suggests requiring frequent reports from the mercenaries in order to ensure that their activities align with the High Council’s goals.

1:05 – Rep. Clethtinthiallor states her firm opposition to the idea of hiring outside help,  stating instead that the Council’s own task force should be sufficient.

1:06 – Grurrom Kindel points out that the Library of Jakardia has a decent staff that could investigate.

1:07 – Rep. Rezzenson expresses his doubt that the Library would be willing to report directly to the High Council rather than operating autonomously. He’s…not wrong, yeah. We won’t. 

1:08 – Rep. Ignitori agrees with Rep. Rezzenson, proposes putting the matter of hiring adventurers to a vote. Finally! How can it take them so long to get around to 

1:09 – Vote is taken. Motion passes at 6 – 4; Rep. Clethtinthiallor, Rep. Rezzenson, Rep. Foojya, and Rep. Tidebreaker vote against, while everyone else votes in the affirmative.

1:13 – Rep. Ignitori, Rep. Tidebreaker, and Thirik Cartax assigned to draft a recruitment notice. I’ll probably have to do all the work, as usual. They don’t seem to realize that I work for the Library, not the Council.

1:15 – Rep. Clethtinthiallor makes her disapproval of the decision known, requests that she be given a copy of every report as soon as it comes in. Council informally agrees. Anything to get her to stop complaining, I guess. She does seem genuinely worried, though. When Thera first read her report she looked like she was going to throw up.

1:17 – Rep. Ignitori reads a final summary of the day’s decisions. Like we weren’t all here for it. It’s not like I have time to waste!

1:20 – Meeting formally adjourned.

This press release was produced by the Belmont Public Library. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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