Apple will soon bring the security update for AirTags which will happen over the air, featuring a better “anti-stalking” feature for the device, and an upcoming Android application for wider coverage. The company meant for the device to be a tracking tag for the lost, non-technological item, but certain reports have highlighted its use for the wrong purposes. 

Apple AirTags Anti-Stalking Update

AirTags from Spring Loaded Event

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In the recent developments of the AirTags, several users and reports have demonstrated how the tracking device may be used for the wrong purposes, say stalking or monitoring a person‘s location. This may remain unknown to him or her, especially as the AirTags are small and maybe indistinguishable next to common items found on one’s possessions. 

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Moreover, it would be more dangerous for people who are not iPhone or iOS users, especially as there is no way of knowing whether it is in one’s possession, or the alert may come later on. Not to mention that it would stop alerting users provided that the owner of the AirTags is in range, within 72 hours or 3 days since it was last detected.

iPhone 13 Airtags Apple leak

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According to CNET, Apple said that the Anti-Stalking update of the AirTags would soon roll out wirelessly, and it would apply to all tracking devices of the company. This would now have alerts or its sound to noise up within 24 hours with a random 8-hour window to better remind a person if they are being stalked using the device. 

Android App for AirTags is Coming Too

Apple AirTags Can Only Run With iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5

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Alongside this, Apple is doing something rare on their end, which would be to create a new application meant for the Android OS landscape, to monitor its AirTags and prevent it from stalking a person. Apple is known to only have applications solely for the iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and other of its software, with a few exceptions for Windows and Android. 

Now, in the name of security and protection of everyone, Apple would soon roll out an application similar to Find My, which could also detect AirTags and alert a person if an unregistered device is within their possession. This could help to stop any tracking or stalking advances that are made using the Apple AirTags

How to Stop AirTags from Stalking You?


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Initially, Tech Times have covered ways how to stop people from stalking you or whenever finding an AirTags on one’s possession, as initially discussed by Apple’s Support Document. There are three ways, namely the iPhone Method, the Battery Method, and the Lost Mode Method, which could help in stopping people to track one’s location. 

iPhone and Lost Mode need the iOS device to make it happen, while Battery Method works even without the upcoming Android App or not having any iOS devices around. 

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