PUBG Mobile Lite was created so that players who do not possess high-end devices can enjoy a smooth battle royale experience. The userbase is constantly growing, and it has received an incredible response with periodic updates,

The most recent update for PUBG Mobile Lite, the 0.21.0 version, was released a few months back. It can be updated/downloaded directly from the Google Play Store (click here), while the APK file on the game’s website can also be used to install the title.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in India. Hence, users from the country are strictly advised not to download the game.

Downloading the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 version using the APK file

PUBG Mobile Lite website: Click here

Readers can follow these steps to download the latest version:

Step 1: They may go to the official PUBG Mobile Lite website using the link provided above.

Step 2: Subsequently, users should click on the “APK Download” option. In a short time, the file will be downloaded onto their devices.

Click on
Click on “APK Download” to download the APK for PUBG Mobile Lite latest version

The file size of the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 version APK is 610 MB, so they should ensure their devices have enough space before downloading it.

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After the file is downloaded, the steps listed below can be followed to install it.

Step 3: Having enabled “Install from Unknown Source,” players must install the APK file.

After the in-game patches end, players can login to their accounts to enjoy the game
After the in-game patches end, players can login to their accounts to enjoy the game

Step 4: They can open the game and wait for the in-game patches to complete.

Finally, once the gamers log in to their PUBG Mobile Lite accounts, they will be able to play the game on their devices.

If they encounter parsing errors during installation, they can re-download the file and perform the above steps.

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