New Delhi [India], June 2 (ANI): Former union minister P. Chidambaram attacked his criticism of the government’s economic treatment, Finance Minister Anurag Thakur ignored solid data on Wednesday, and “instead of Said that he had executed. Whataboutery’ “, saying that the Indian economy will recover in the future based on consistent reforms.

In a sharp rebuttal to Tidan Balaam’s remarks in yesterday’s media interaction, Takul said India grew 1.6% from a 24.4% reduction in the first quarter of fiscal 2020-21 due to consistent reforms and strong fundamentals. Said that it recovered rapidly. Cents for the fourth quarter of 2020-21.

“The Indian economy is resilient and will recover in the future based on consistent reforms that have secured strong fundamentals during these difficult times. The former Finance Minister ignored solid data and instead said,” What It’s no surprise that you chose “Should I do it?” Parliamentary leadership has embodied this ignorant approach for many years, “he said.

Mr. Takul referred to the “pessimistic forecast” drawn by Mr. Chidambalam, saying that international organizations forecast India to grow by 12.5% ​​in 2021-22.

“While Indian entrepreneurs, SMEs, traders and micro-enterprise doubt the resilience to revive themselves, various international organizations predict that India will grow 12.5% ​​in fiscal year 2021-22. . ” He said.

“The Indian economy is an isolated island and are other major economies facing a reduction in GDP? France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom have shrunk by 8.2%, 4.9%, 8.9% and 9.9%, respectively. Did you know that Canada, Russia, South Africa and the United States have also seen shrinking GDP over the past year. Despite the global turmoil in the world, India remains resilient. ” Added.

He apparently saved his life in the lockdown and gradually unlocked the allowed green sprouts.

“A record high of Rs 1.44 million in GST collection confirms this. We recorded growth in passenger car sales, motorcycle sales, oil consumption, steel production, cement production and international air cargo. Frequent monthly core Sector data also show that eight core industries are recovering.

The indexes of the eight core industries grew by 11.4% in March 2021 and a staggering 56.1% in April 2021. The latest GDP data shows the manufacturing sector quarterly from January to March 2021. The construction sector has grown by 6.9% to 14.5%, steel. This growth rate has exceeded the pre-lockdown period of March 2020, so the growth rates of the two sectors in April 2021 are Note that it is 400% and 549%. ,” He said.

Regarding cash transfers, Mr. Thakur said that while the NDA government (2014-19) spent 80,000 rupees on wheat and rice procurement, 3.74 million rupees during his tenure at UPA (2009-2014). He said he had spent.

He said the Modi administration had purchased 74 times the amount of pulses it had procured during his tenure at UPA (2009-2014) at MSP.

“The NDA government has raised 306.9 million tonnes of pad pad pads and 162.7 million tonnes of wheat over the past five years, but during his tenure at UPA from 2009 to 13 years, he had 176.8 million tonnes of and pad. “Only 139.5 million tonnes of wheat were procured,” he said of “misleading farmers about agricultural law.” “Peasants are happy, distinguishing the false explanations and truths of parliamentary leaders. There is. “

Mentioning Chidambaram’s request for “cash remittances,” Chidambaram asked if the PM-KISAN scheme “does not give farmers cash.”

He asked how many bank accounts were opened for the poor during the UPA rules. “The Modi government has opened 420 million Jean-Dahn accounts to prevent system leaks and make all rupees the beneficiaries of interest through direct bank transfers, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. We made it reach quickly, which brought financial empowerment to millions of people. ”Also done in several other sections of society, the total transfer amount exceeded Rs 68,000. I am. “Isn’t it’cash’?” He asked.

The minister said the NDA government increased the MGNREGA allocation from Rs 61,500 thousand to a historic height of more than Rs 1 billion during the COVID-19 period last year. “We also raised wages to 202 rupees,” he said.

He claimed that the UPA government “executed bad debts” when Tidan Balaam was Minister of Finance. “Through the ECLGS scheme, we have provided the industry with a government guarantee of Rs 300,000 to maintain and revitalize our business. MSME, hospitality, travel and tourism, leisure, sports sector, healthcare and more. Unlike its participatory and predecessor UPA, the Modi government has licensed more than Rs. 2.65 million to more than 920,000 accounts from public and private banks, NBFC. This gives businesses “cash” flows. Would you like to offer it? “He asked. (Ani)

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