We already know that Android 12 is bringing a bunch of new features along with a complete revamp in design. The latest report by 9To5Google suggests that Android 12 and Google Live Space features could supercharge the “At a Glance” widget.

The At a Glance widget goes hand in hand with the Pixel launcher. Meaning that it is enabled by default whenever you make use of the Pixel launcher.

However, with Android 12, Google will bring some major upgrades to it. In an APK Insight post, folks at 9To5Google found a new feature called “Live Space” which adds a bunch of new features to the “At a Glance” widget.

At present, the At a Glance widget shows you information such as time, upcoming calendar events, weather details, reminders, and any alerts for the work profile.

With Android 12 and Live Space, Google will take the functionality of this widget a notch above. First, there will be better integration with Google Assistant. Users can personalize Google Live Space based on the enabled settings.

Notably, users can enable and view travel plans, shopping lists, Google Pay rewards, taxi reminders with estimated arrivals, and much more.

The new “Live Space” feature was discovered in the latest Google app beta version

After enabling this feature, the Google Assistant Settings describes this feature as, “Your Assistant shows you what you need, right when you need it, on your home screen and lock screen.

On the Preference page, under the “Personalize” section, you will see multiple options, such as Home and work, Location, Default Weather, enable Sensitive content on the lock screen.

Scrolling down further, you will be shown a list of “Proactive moments” that includes toggles to turn ON current weather info, upcoming calendar events, upcoming flight details, shopping list or Google Pay rewards, weather alerts, etc.

Moreover, there is also an unnamed “headphone” icon that no one is sure about what its feature is. Interestingly, only “At a store” is the only new addition, whereas every other feature was already there in the “At a Glance” widget.

The final UI of this Google Live Space is still under wraps, but going by the design reel “#Android12: Designed for you” that Google released during the I/O event, we can expect a material design.

All these new features and details about Google Live Space were discovered in Google app beta version 12.23. Sadly, it is not available for everyone yet. One thing is for sure, Google is making efforts to improve the widget experience with Android 12.

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